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If you have looked around at the houses and buildings in your road or town centre and wondered what their history was or how they came to be, then going back to the beginning may just give you the answer. At some point they would have been land, big open space or sandwiched between two existing buildings or houses. The land owner would have made a decision to develop that land for whatever use they saw fit, be it a residential development, community asset or business premises the list goes on. As our settlements grow their character changes lead by the relationship between the settlement and its architecture.

If you own land whether it is to the side/rear of your property, business premises that are surplus to requirements or even a few garages, then you could play a part in influencing the character of the area that you live in for future generations to look at and admire and wonder as you may once of done, how they came to be. We as the current custodians of the settlements we live in have an obligation to develop them in a way that is sustainable yet provides space for future generations to expand into and enjoy a quality of life that is provided by the environment that surrounds us where we live and work.

Ultimately we should all start to love where we live, and that starts with land…

Lanes specialist Land & New Homes Company can provide up to date market appraisals and advise on all things development from inception to completion.

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The Hertford Brewery – A refreshing blend of history and style

The Grade II listed Hertford Brewery is an exclusive and one-of-a-kind collection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes brimming with history and character. Ideally located in the heart of this buzzing market town with great bars, independent shops and restaurants it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular.

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